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Leak Exposes Millions of Dollars in New Payments In Odebrecht Cash-for-Contracts Scandal:  by ICIJ

New story from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) on Odebrecht. The ICIJ obtained more than 13,000 documents that had been stored by Odebrecht’s Division of Structured Operations on a secret communications platform known as Drousys. For more than four months, ICIJ worked in partnership with more than 50 journalists in 10 countries to investigate the ledgers of Odebrecht’s bribery division. According to the ICIJ, the leaked records reveal hidden payments across the region that extend far beyond what has been publicly reported.  Quote from S Shah of the Coalition for Integrity: “It’s mind-boggling to even understand how this went on for so long.” Read more here

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