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Posted on by Marion Williams

In recent actions, President Trump and Attorney General Barr have undercut U.S. credibility in the fight against corruption and undermined U.S. efforts to influence good governance around the world.  Prompt action is necessary to reestablish trust that rule of law and judicial independence will be protected.  Otherwise, these actions will upend years of efforts to combat corruption at home and around the world.

Read Coalition for Integrity’s statement on protecting the rule of law and judicial independence here.

How Africa’s richest woman bought her way out of scrutiny from Western banks

Posted on by Marion Williams

Shruti Shah quoted in the Luanda Leaks story about the vulnerability of real estate to laundered money and the lack of due diligence by the real estate industry on buyer’s identities and the sources of their funds. Read more here

Scott Pruitt’s scandals aren’t so bad—by Russian standards

Posted on by Marion Williams

Shruti Shah of Coalition for Integrity discusses the Pruitt scandal with Quartz, comparing it to growing up in India under systemic corruption and the frustration experienced by citizens when they can’t hold those in power accountable. Read more

Jan 31, 2017 – Letter on Cardin-Lugar 1504 Anti-Corruption Provision

Posted on by Marion Williams

TI-USA joined several other civil society organizations in sending a letter to Speaker Ryan, Minority Leader Pelosi, Chairman Hensarling and Ranking Member Waters urging them to support the Cardin-Lugar Anti-Corruption rule and vote no on H.J. Resolution 41. Read more

January 23, 2017 TI-USA Statement on Affiliation with Transparency International.

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