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A 2018 voter’s guide to ethics and integrity.

Posted on by Shruti Shah

It seems that each day, we’re confronted with fresh conflict of interest scandals, where public officials seem to forget that that their fundamental duty is not to allow their private interests to influence their official duties. It’s time that we demand clear, hard commitments to ethics and transparency from our candidates and public officials. 2018 is the perfect year to start. Read our 2018 voter’s guide to ethics and integrity via The FCPA Blog, here

Transparent Beneficial Ownership is Key to Addressing Corruption and Should be an Essential Component of the Counter Terrorism and Illicit Finance Act (H.R. 6068)

Posted on by Shruti Shah

Read Coalition for Integrity’s latest statement here.

Shruti Shah appointed President & CEO of Coalition for Integrity

Posted on by Jane Hagan

Coalition for Integrity’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Shruti Shah as President & CEO of the organization effective June 1, 2018. Under Shruti’s leadership, we will continue to combat corruption in the United States and overseas. We are looking forward to collaborating and engaging with all of you as we continue our journey. Read more

Scott Pruitt’s scandals aren’t so bad—by Russian standards

Posted on by Marion Williams

Shruti Shah of Coalition for Integrity discusses the Pruitt scandal with Quartz, comparing it to growing up in India under systemic corruption and the frustration experienced by citizens when they can’t hold those in power accountable. Read more

Growing bipartisan interest in beneficial ownership transparency (FCPA Blog)

Posted on by Jane Hagan

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) recently renewed Geographic Targeting Orders (GTOs) that temporarily require U.S. title insurance companies to identify the natural persons behind shell companies that pay “all cash” for high-end residential real estate in select markets. This is the third time the GTOs have been extended. Read more

Trump sold $1.5 billion of condos to potential money launderers thanks to this gaping loophole (Quartz)

Posted on by Jane Hagan

Shell companies can provide an extraordinary level of secrecy, making it impossible for even the seller to know who they’re making a deal with. That helps out a huge array of people who want to hide illicit funds. As Shruti Shah of anti-corruption NGO Coalition for Integrity puts it, shell firms’ secrecy makes them “a favorite tool for just about any criminal from tax evaders and money launderers to drug traffickers and kleptocrats.” Read more

Secret Money: How Trump Made Millions Selling Condos to Unknown Buyers (Buzzfeed news)

Posted on by Jane Hagan

“It’s not that common for someone to buy expensive real estate with cash, and if it’s a shell company, you want to find out who the buyer is and the sources of their funds,” said Shruti Shah, vice president of programs and operations at the Coalition for Integrity, an anti-corruption group. “It could be illicit money from foreign corruption, drug trafficking, human trafficking – all sorts of bad things.” Read more

Integrity First

Posted on by Jane Hagan

Foreign Services Journal, December, 2017. Alan Larson – Chairman, Board of Directors, Coalition for Integrity, Inc., Ambassador, retired, DC. Read more

Shruti Shah and Marian Currinder: Friends don’t shower money and gifts on friends (FCPA Blog)

Posted on by Jane Hagan

The McDonnell decision has likely made it easier for politicians to engage in ethically questionable behavior. In the absence of much stricter gift laws or precedent changing court decisions, what can be done? For one, politicians can simply pledge to not accept extravagant gifts from their friends. Read more

C4I Calls on President Trump to Lead by Example

Posted on by Jane Hagan

Coalition for Integrity calls on President Trump to fully separate himself from his businesses and be transparent about his past business dealings, including at the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower in Panama. The Narco-A-Lago story also highlights how essential it is that people involved in the real estate industry conduct due diligence on buyers’ identities and the sources of their funds to avoid misuse of the property market by money launderers and other criminals. Read more

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