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Is Your Anti-Corruption Program Effective? (Ethisphere)

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What can companies do to mitigate the impact of a possible industry sweep or a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) investigation? Maintaining an effective and risk-based anti-corruption compliance program before an FCPA probe is the ideal strategy. Companies should supplement internal reviews with independent external reviews on a regularly planned basis. External reviews can help a company take a fresh look at an existing program to learn about weak spots and areas for improvement, benchmark its program against other companies, or undertake a more comprehensive risk assessment. Read more

Treasury Urged to Scrutinize Foreign Real-Estate Buyers for Money-Laundering Risk (The New York Times)

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In a broad show of support for increased scrutiny of foreign real estate buyers in the United States, 17 nonprofit organizations on Tuesday urged the Treasury Department to require that the real estate industry verify the identities of buyers and screen them for potential money-laundering risk.

Shruti Shah, a vice president for one of the organizations, Transparency International-USA, said in a telephone interview, “The U.S. should not be providing a red carpet for dirty money.” Read more

Is Your Anti-Corruption Program Effective?

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What can companies do to mitigate the impact of a possible industry sweep or a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) investigation? Maintaining an effective and risk-based anti-corruption compliance program before an FCPA probe is the ideal strategy. Most companies have adopted anti-corruption compliance programs but many need to invest resources in ensuring that their programs are effective. Read More

Co-written by Claudia J. Dumas, President and CEO of Transparency International

TI releases 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index: Action needed in the U.S. and other countries (FCPA Blog)

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Transparency International released its 20th edition of the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) today, available here. The 2014 CPI ranks 175 countries based on the perceptions of public sector corruption. The overall poor scores of countries in the CPI highlights the need for coordinated global action to ensure that corrupt officials are not allowed to conceal and enjoy their illicitly obtained assets in the global financial system. Read more

OECD enforcement grades are in (and still aren’t pretty) (FCPA Blog)

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For the tenth year in a row, Transparency International (TI) has assessed enforcement of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention (the Convention) and the results are disheartening.

TI’s Progress Report, available here, makes recommendations for both Governments and the OECD Working Group on Bribery, including providing adequate funding and support for enforcement, continuing the rigorous OECD monitoring program, and collecting and publishing data on mutual legal assistance requests relating to foreign bribery. Read more

Stopping the Corrupt: Actions the U.S. Can Take

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The worldwide Transparency International movement is launching a new campaign, entitled Unmask the Corrupt. This campaign is focused on ending the impunity enjoyed by kleptocrats and other corrupt public officials. Read More

Co-written by Daniel Dudis, Senior Policy Director.

Have Great Anti-Bribery Measures in Place? Prove It (TI-USA Quoted)

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Why are so many companies still getting hit with charges even though they are putting measures and programs in place to combat bribery and corruption? The answer, say anti-bribery advisers, is that there is a big difference between adopting a program and ensuring that it is effective. “Just adopting a compliance program is not enough,” says Shruti Shah, senior policy director at Transparency International USA. Read More Interview with Shruti Shah, Transparency International USA

Posted on by admin’s Leslie Benton interviews Shruti Shah, Senior Policy Director at Transparency International-USA. The organization recently issued a report entitled “Verification of Anti-Corruption Compliance Programs,” which analyzes the methods of anti-corruption verification, a process by which companies can assess the effectiveness of anti-corruption programs; and provides recommendations for companies seeking to improve anti-corruption compliance. Read More

Verification of Anti-Corruption Compliance Programs: New Guidance from Transparency International-USA (FCPA Blog)

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Numerous news reports of actual and alleged corporate malfeasance have seriously damaged confidence in companies’ ability to self-regulate. To address this concern, Transparency International-USA (TI-USA) is releasing today a report, Verification of Anti-Corruption Compliance Programs, which distills concrete, implementable lessons for companies in evaluating their anti-corruption programs. The report serves as a resource for companies that seek to take a pro-active, leading role in fighting corruption. Read more

Passage of the DATA Act Welcome News; Key to Success Will be Implementation

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On April 28th, the House of Representatives unanimously passed the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act or DATA Act. The House vote follows unanimous passage of the DATA Act by the Senate on April 10th. Transparency International – USA applauds both the House and the Senate for their bipartisan efforts on behalf of this important piece of legislation. Read More