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Email the Candidates and Ask Them to Endorse the Virginia Integrity Challenge

So far, 19 candidates have endorsed the Virginia Integrity Challenge.

Cut, paste, and personalize the message below to email candidates running for the House of Delegates and ask them to endorse the Virginia Integrity Challenge. In cases where candidate emails were not available, we have provided a link to the candidate’s website, where contact information is available. Click here for candidate contact information.

Candidates highlighted in yellow have endorsed the challenge. Email them to thank them for pledging to serve transparently and with integrity!

Dear Candidate,

I join the Coalition for Integrity, a non-partisan, non-profit organization focused on promoting integrity in the public and private sectors, in asking you to endorse the Virginia Integrity Challenge and pledge to do the following:

  • I pledge to disclose on my campaign website all contributions received and expenditures made by my campaign committee.
  • I pledge to disclose on my campaign website my financial disclosure forms.
  • I pledge to disclose on my campaign website all  gifts that I receive while running for office or serving in office, including gifts given to my immediate family members.

In endorsing the challenge, you agree to provide links on your campaign website to your campaign contribution/expenditure disclosures, your financial disclosures, and your gift disclosures. One very easy way to share these disclosures with voters is to simply link to your candidate profile on the website. We suggest including a simple sentence on the “about me” or “meet the candidate” page of your campaign website that says, “I support transparency and will serve with integrity. My personal, gift and campaign finance disclosures can be found here.”

If you take the pledge, please email the Coalition ( and let them know and they will get the word out to Virginia voters!


A Virginia Voter