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Virginia 2019 Integrity Challenge

On November 5, 2019, Virginians will elect 40 State Senators and 100 members of the House of Delegates.  The Coalition for Integrity is challenging all candidates running for Virginia’s House of Delegates and the State Senate, to stand for integrity and transparency in public service. Public trust in government has fallen to new lows and we believe that reversing this trend is fundamental. When candidates are transparent about their personal and campaign finances, citizens can make informed choices and hold those who serve them accountable.  Making personal and campaign finance disclosures easily accessible on the candidates’ websites sends a strong message to voters who want to vote for candidates they can trust.

Our recent op-ed in the Washington Post explains why voters want to elect candidates who will serve with integrity.

So far this year, twenty-five candidates of all partisan stripes have accepted the Challenge.

Candidates who accept the Integrity Challenge, pledge to:

1) support legislation to give enforcement authority to the Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council and the Senate and House Ethics Advisory Panels and

2) disclose on their campaign websites:

  • All contributions received (over $100) and expenditures made by their campaign committee.
  • Their financial disclosure form.
  • All gifts that they or immediate family members receive while running for office or serving in office, with the only exception being gifts from immediate family members.

In endorsing the challenge, candidates agree to disclose on their campaign websites their campaign contribution/expenditure reports, their financial disclosures reports and a list of all gifts received. Candidates are already required to disclose much of this information to the Virginia Department of Elections and Virginia Conflicts of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council webpages. Candidates can fulfill the Challenge simply by providing links to state-mandated reports, where applicable, or posting directly on their campaign websites.

Click here for answers to FAQs about the Virginia Integrity Challenge.

In 2017, 19 candidates – Republicans, Democrats and independents – accepted the Virginia Integrity Challenge.

What Can You do?

For the State Senate and House of Delegates, ask them to endorse the Virginia Integrity Challenge! Find your Delegate or Senator here . If you attend town halls or other candidate events, ask the candidate to accept the Challenge.

Here is a sample email to send to your Delegate or Senator or candidate running for those offices:


I am one of your constituents, writing to urge you to support government  transparency and integrity in Virginia. These issues matter to me as a voter, and I hope you will show your commitment to them by taking the Coalition for Integrity’s 2019 Virginia Integrity Challenge.

The Challenge asks candidates for office in Virginia to post their financial disclosure forms on their campaign websites, along with posting donations to and expenditures by their campaign committee and any gifts received while running as well. Additionally, it asks candidates to pledge to support pro-ethics and transparency legislation in the General Assembly.

These are important issues that matter to Virginians like me, and that I consider when making my choice in elected officials. I hope you will take the Challenge and stand up for honest government in Virginia.


          YOUR NAME