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Shruti Shah, President & CEO, Email

Shruti Shah is President & CEO of the Coalition for Integrity, where she leads the Coalition’s development and promotion of approaches to combat corruption in business and government. She also leads Coalition for Integrity’s work in promoting greater transparency and accountability to stem the flow of proceeds of corruption, with attention to reforms in the areas of beneficial ownership transparency and anti- money laundering laws. Read more
Laurie Sherman

Laurie Sherman, Policy Advisor, Email

Laurie Sherman works with Coalition for Integrity (C4I) on a volunteer basis as a Policy Advisor. She was the Anti-Corruption Advisor at the Mission to Serbia of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe until August 2017. In that position, she assisted the Government of Serbia and the Serbian private sector and civil society in combating corruption through preventive and repressive means. Read more

Marion Williams, Director of Administration, Email


Marion Williams is a business professional with abundant and diverse experiences, Marion excels in resolving employer challenges with innovative solutions, systems, and process improvements, proven to increase efficiency, customer/client satisfaction and the bottom line. Read More