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State Ethics Work

While the federal government can and should set the tone of ethics and integrity in the United States, the nature of American government is such that a great deal of change will come at the state level. To promote this change, the Coalition for Integrity has focused attention on examining state-level ethics and disclosure laws to determine where improvement can be made. In 2018 we released a report on States With Anticorruption Measures for Public Officials (SWAMP Index). This report graded and compared all fifty states and DC on their laws and regulations surrounding ethics and integrity in state government. The report, rankings, and methodology are all available here.

We built on this report in 2019 with another report: Enforcement of Ethics Rules by State Ethics Agencies: Unpacking the S.W.A.M.P. Index. This report examined how state ethics agencies actually enforce those ethics laws that they are charged with enforcing. It also graded and ranked states based on how transparent they were with the public regarding that enforcement. The report, methodology, and rankings are all available here. We anticipate continuing to update and build upon both these reports.