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Ending Impunity

corruption 2017-In today’s globalized economy, corruption does not stop at national borders. Countries with lax rules give rise to safe havens. Countries need to agree on national and cross-border anti-corruption measures. International conventions such as the UN Convention against Corruption provide a crucial framework. They set out what countries need to do, both internally and collaboratively. The Coalition for Integrity is actively engaged in promoting effective enforcement of international conventions such as the UN Convention against Corruption and the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention that set the standards for global anti-corruption laws and practices.

The Coalition for Integrity is actively advocating for the G20 (Group of 20) to show global leadership in tackling corruption by establishing a cleaner and more rigorous financial system. This includes calling for more stringent enforcement of foreign bribery and anti-money laundering regulations, faster return of stolen assets, and making it harder for individuals to enjoy the proceeds of crime and corruption. We push the G20 to take action on money laundering, anonymous companies, stolen assets, preventing bribery in business and more.

It is essential that countries cooperate to ensure that criminal behavior is prosecuted and corruption has nowhere to hide and that stolen assets are recovered rather than staying hidden through anonymous companies, and dirty money does not continue to be laundered. Our work in this area is divided into three portfolios:


Beneficial Ownership Transparency


G20 Policies