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G20 Policies


Home to two thirds of the world’s population, the G20 are responsible for 80 percent of world trade and more than 85 percent of the world economy. Tackling corruption is crucial to the G20’s goal of generating strong balanced growth and establishing a safer and more sustainable economic framework. In 2010, G20 leaders established the Anti-Corruption Working Group and tasked it with developing bi-annual Anti-Corruption Action Plans and with reporting annually on the progress. The third Anti-Corruption Action plan was adopted in November 2014 for the term 2015-2016.

The Coalition for Integrity works with U.S. civil society organizations to influence the agenda and outcome of G20 deliberations with respect to corruption issues and to advocate for implementation and enforcement of the G20 2015-2016 Anti-Corruption Action Plan.

Our recent advocacy activities include:

  • Preparing and presenting thoughtful recommendations on key priorities to the Anti-Corruption Working Group. In June 2015, we presented the Civil 20 anti-corruption recommendations on procurement, beneficial ownership transparency, and immunity from prosecution for public officials at the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group which was co-chaired by Turkey and the United States.
  • Collaborating with other civil society organizations to broaden our impact, we lead the Anti-Corruption Policy Group of InterAction, an alliance of more than 180 U.S.-based non-governmental organizations and drafted the Group’s Anti-Corruption Policy Brief to provide prioritized recommendations for the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group.
  • Constructively engaging the U.S. Government on the Coalition for Integrity’s policy recommendations through letters and meetings with U.S. officials in the National Security Council of the White House, State Department and Treasury Department.
  • Targeted media and press work to communicate what is at stake to citizens.

Our recent key collaborative successes include:

  • The G20 adopted the High Level Principles on Beneficial Ownership Transparency in 2014, which was one of our recommended priorities.
  • The new 2015-16 G20 Anti-Corruption Action Plan was adopted by the G20 leaders in November 2014 and it includes priority areas recommended by the Coalition such as: beneficial ownership transparency, foreign bribery, international cooperation, and high risk sectors. For the first time it is accompanied by a detailed Implementation Plan  which sets out the work-plan for the next two years including a list of deliverables.
  • Each G20 country now publishes their accountability reports outlining what they have done to implement their commitments from previous years.