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Coalition for Integrity (C4I) Awards Guidelines

The Coalition for Integrity’s (C4I) Integrity Award recognizes contributions by individuals and/or organizations to the advancement of the fight against corruption and to the promotion of transparency and accountability within business, government, and civil society. Although nominees should be of outstanding personal character, the award focuses on the impact, scope, and objectives of the recipient’s actions and/or initiatives.

The Coalition for Integrity Corporate Leadership Award recognizes leadership-level contributions by a company to corporate anti-corruption compliance, transparency, business ethics and integrity and/or corporate social responsibility, including internal innovations and contributions in shaping collective action initiatives with other industry members.


  • The nominee may be a U.S. or non-U.S. individual or organization


  • The nominee must have a demonstrated and sustained track record of actions and ideas relating to the promotion of anti-corruption programs, ethics and/or corporate social responsibility

Ineligible Nominees

The following categories of nominees will NOT be considered for the Integrity Award:

  • Individuals or organizations of questionable integrity or ethics


  • Members of the Coalition for Integrity Board of Directors, Advisory Council or Policy Advisory Board, the Awards Committee, and salaried staff of the Coalition for Integrity


  • Individuals or organizations that submit self-nominations

Nomination Procedure

Nominations will be accepted until November 31, 2023. Previous candidates may be re-nominated, and the Awards Committee may also take it upon itself to make nominations. For a nomination to be eligible for consideration, it must include the following:

  • A completed nomination form, including a statement making the case for the nomination (maximum of 750 words) explaining why the nominee(s) is/are deserving of the Integrity Award


  • Supporting documentation in the form of press clippings, audio, or video files, if available and pertinent

Incomplete nomination forms cannot be considered by the Awards Committee. False or deceptive nominations or acts may render a nominee ineligible. Nominations should be submitted via email to or mailed to:

Coalition for Integrity

Integrity Awards Committee

1100 13th Street NW, Suite 800

Washington, DC 20005


Conflict of Interest

Members of the Awards Committee shall refrain from voting on a particular nomination when a conflict of interest may be present.

General Disclosure

All nominations become the property of the Coalition for Integrity. The Coalition for Integrity is granted the right to use the name, voice, and image of an awardee, without compensation, for the purpose of advertising and publicizing all matters related to the Integrity Awards and award ceremony in any medium, worldwide.

Privacy Policy

The nomination process is carried out in compliance with applicable laws on data privacy protection and data security. Data collected during the nominations process is only for the purpose of the awards program and will be disclosed only to the members of the Awards Committee and C4I staff.


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