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Civil Society Procurement Monitoring: Challenges and Opportunities (in Eduardo Bohorquez and Deniz Devrim: A New Role for Citizens in public Procurement)

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The article aims to provide a general overview of the involvement of civil society organizations and citizens in public procurement. Read more pg 41


Pushing Forward G8’s Anti-Corruption Agenda (Huffington Post)

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In India more than 200 million people live without secure access to food, the most of any county in the world, the Wall Street Journal reported last month. And according to the Wall Street Journal report, corruption and inefficiency are among the main reasons why infrastructure in India is lagging behind, thus slowing down investments that could help feed millions. As leaders of the G8 convene at Camp David, it is imperative they take corruption into account.  Read More

G20 and Anti-Corruption: Progress Continues (FCPA Blog)

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On Tuesday, G20 leaders released their communiqué following the G20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico. The leaders have extended the mandate of the Anti-Corruption Working Group by two years, through the end of 2014. This is an encouraging step by the group as it demonstrates a renewed commitment to focus on anti-corruption, even as the leaders seek to address pressing global economic concerns. Read More

Co-written by James Pagano, TI-USA intern for the summer of 2012.

The SEC’s Tricky Balancing Act (FCPA Blog)

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The legislative intent behind the provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act is to create incentives to report wrongdoing and protect whistleblowers. These objectives, while laudable, present a significant regulatory challenge. Read more