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This Is the Most Corrupt State in America

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Best Life used the S.W.A.M.P. index and other measures of corruption to determine the most corrupt state in America. Read the full article here.



Report: Virginia Hasn’t Done Much to Improve Ethics and Transparency Since McDonnell Scandal

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WVTF, a radio station in Virginia, recently covered Virginia’s poor performance in C4I’s S.W.A.M.P. Index report, and interviewed President & CEO Shruti Shah. Read and listen here.

New ‘SWAMP’ Index Gives Virginia Low Marks for Ethics Laws

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VPM News recently covered C4I’s S.W.A.M.P. Index, and Virginia’s poor performance in it. President and CEO Shruti Shah is quoted in the article, and interviewed in the radio piece. Read and listen here.

New Report Finds Virginia Deep in the “S.W.A.M.P” – One of Worst States in the Country When It Comes to Ethics, Transparency in Government

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BlueVirginia recently covered Virginia’s poor performance in C4I’s 2020 S.W.A.M.P. Index. Read the story here.

The Coalition for Integrity’s New Report on How To Ensure Oversight of U.S. Coronavirus Response Funds

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C4I President and CEO Shruti Shah published a piece in the Global Anticorruption Blog on our report Oversight is Better than Hindsight, which details transparency and oversight recommendations for the COVID-19 stimulus. Read it here.

The Coalition for Integrity’s New SWAMP Index Highlights Progress and Shortcomings in U.S. State Ethics Systems

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C4I CEO Shruti Shah and Legal Fellow Alex Amico published a piece on the Global Anticorruption Blog on our recent S.W.A.M.P. Index report. Read it here.

A felon, an alleged drug dealer and a comic: How some who may be ineligible got PPP loans

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Coalition for Integrity CEO Shruti Shah was quoted in a recent Miami Herald article detailing how several ineligible recipients fraudulently obtained PPP loans under the CARES Act.

“There needs to be something in the next round that indicates that if you are facilitating fraud, you are held accountable,” she said. “Speed cannot reduce the need for diligence and controls.”

Read the article here.

Coalition for Integrity Welcomes Passage of Corporate Transparency Act

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The Coalition for Integrity welcomes the passage of the Corporate Transparency Act by Congress, as part of the National Defense Authorization Act. This bill will take a major step forward in reducing the use of anonymous companies to facilitate crime and corruption. Read our press release here.

C4I Hosts 2020 Integrity Awards

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On December 8th, the Coalition hosted a virtual edition of the 2020 Integrity Awards. We were proud to present Dr. Anthony Fauci with the Integrity Award, and Procter & Gamble with the Corporate Leadership Award. Read more about the event here.

Coalition for Integrity Hosts Virtual 2020 Integrity Awards

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On Tuesday, December 8, 2020, the Coalition for Integrity held our Annual Integrity Awards Ceremony. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s ceremony was held in a virtual format instead of the usual in-person dinner.

We were proud to present Dr. Anthony Fauci with the 2020 Integrity Award for exemplifying honesty and transparency with the American public in his efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The public needs to hear the truth as it is, rather than as they might want it to be,” said Dr. Fauci in his remarks. “Over time, truth-telling builds credibility, and credibility is essential to effective leadership.”

Procter & Gamble was the recipient of this year’s Corporate Leadership Award for its commitment to corporate anti-corruption compliance and social responsibility. We were pleased to have Deborah Majoras, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary of Procter & Gamble, accept the award.

As we celebrate our awardees, we recognize that our fight is not limited to individual efforts. Only together can we achieve our full potential of eliminating corruption. At this time of international crisis, our fight against corruption is more important than ever. Above all we are grateful to all those who attended to show their support for the awardees and for our cause of combating corruption and raising integrity standards in the public and private sector.

Special thanks to our 2020 Integrity Awards Dinner sponsors – we are grateful for your support.